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PMTR2117 Professor Motor HO / 1:32 Rental Electronic Controller

U/M: Each

Professor Motor PMTR2117 HO & 1/32 RENTAL model electronic slot racing controller.  Recommended voltage 16 - 19 volts.  POSITIVE POLARITY - includes dual circuit breaker system for robustness against mis-connection.  Includes internal aluminum heat sink, 13 gauge silicone insulated leads and solid copper alligator clips with protective boots.  New "Platinum Series" transistor based technology.  Recommend applications include 1/32 and HO, home, club and commercial racing through JK Falcon Motors.

This controller is built with 2 DIFFERENT handle colors front and back to stand out in a commercial rental environment.


For questions about controller operation or basic troubleshooting, contact Slot Car Corner for assistance.  For problems that require more in-depth troubleshooting, repair or replacement, you will need to contact Professor Motor directly for assistance.  For convenience, we have provided contact information below.


phone:  (734) 316-2177