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Piranha Tech Inspector Magnetic Downforce Tester

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Piranha Tech Inspector for Weight of Car and Magnetic Downforce Tester 1/32 Slot Car Accessory
The magnetic downforce of any 1/32, 1/24 scale car (without disassembling the car). You can determine the weight of the car by turning the car on its side and then placing the car flat on the base with the guide shoe in the slot. This will give you the downforce exerted on the track from just the magnets in the motor providing you do not have any other magnets in the car. Of course you can put multiple magnets into the chassis and get a total downforce of the car. This is good for races where the rules require a maximum downforce for each class The car is not included.
With easy replacement of 2 AAA batteries included. Adjustable Magnatraction beam, larger table and deeper guide slot.
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