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PGT Revell 1/32 Vintage Large Rears (22x9)

SKU: PGT-REV-132-VR-22x9
U/M: Pair

One (1) Pair of Paul Gage Large Rear Tires for 1/32 Vintage Revell cars.

PGT Compound (approx. 40 shore) FOR SMOOTH WOOD and PLASTIC TRACKS.

  • Large Rear Tires measure 22mm O.D. x 9mm Wide x 10mm I.D. x 7mm Bead Width

Also fits K&B, Cox wheels with flat hubs and bead edge. These tires are treaded with full raised letter sidewall detail. These will easily stretch over larger hubs too.

Cars, wheels, hubs and accessories not for sale, tires only.