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MPL QX2021 Rev. 3 Carrera Compatible Digital Chip

SKU: QX2021
U/M: Each


Instructions Revision- Headlights-Please Read!

The polarity of the wires of the front headlights to the plug does not match the wire colors!

USE: From LED Positive (+) to Negative (-) on the chip

** Note **  You will need a soldering iron with fine tip, solder, hot glue or double-sided tape to complete installation.  These items are NOT included.

MPL QX2021 Rev. 3 Carrera Compatible Digital Chip.  Features include:

  • Carrera Digital compatible (1/43, 1/32 and 1/24)
  • Now with prewired plugs and IR sensor
  • Maximum operating voltage 18.5 volts
  • Small size provides more installation options for F1, low bodies and tight spaces.  Measures 0.96" (24.5mm) long by 0.59" (15mm) wide by 3mm (.011") thick.
  • Flat bottom side of PCB (no protruding components) makes mounting easier
  • Lightweight - only 0.05 ounces (1.6g) - weight without wires/plugs
  • Pre-installed ultra flexible silicone wires with JST style plugs for power/motor, IR sensor and lights
  • Pitlane and Ghost car functions require Carrera Digital Control Unit (CU) part number 30352.
  • 10 speed and brake levels for Carrera CU's (16 steps with Cockpit-XP or Open Lap)

The chip supports the following functions; however, lighting components are NOT included.

  • Supports headlights function (i.e. passing/overtake signal lights) - just depress lane controller button while driving to activate

  • Supports headlights and taillights and separate brake lights functions

Package includes:

(1x) - MPL Digital Decoder QX2021 Rev. 3

(2x) - sets of extra wires/plugs extensions to facilitate installation

(1x) - instruction sheet (English)