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JKD322 JK Products Retro D3 Motor Bracket w/Offset Motor (JKC87)


JK Products JKD322 (JKC87) Retro D3 motor bracket w/offset motor for scratch building chassis.

Note:  If you plan to use 3/32" x 3/16" Parma Oilites with this motor mount, you will need to "sleeve" the oilites with K&S 7/32" OD brass tubing (Part # KS8130).  Please see instructions below.

With a single tube, measure and then mount. Then just cut out the center to make room for the crown gear. You can use two shorter individual sections of tubing instead of having to cut the center out.  If you go the latter route, temporarily insert a second pair of oilites into each tube (i.e. oilites on both ends of each tube).  You can then use an axle to ensure the oilites and tubes are aligned properly while positioning/soldering the tubes in place.