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JDS 2008-11 Annihilator Inline Drag Chassis '11 Kit

SKU: JDS2008-11
U/M: Each

NOTE:  Kit requires assembly.  Tires, wheels, axles, gears, guide etc. shown in product picture are NOT included - for illustration only.

Inline Chassis for MM/PS and index. This chassis is a wide rail design. The Motor Box is the strongest motor box on the market, increasing performance. The axle uprights are tied into the motor plate with an upper motor plate brace, making the motor box more ridged. This decreases the deflection caused by the torque of the motor. Keeping the pinion gear more on centerline for less bind. The main section of the chassis is a 3 piece design, allowing you to use stainless tube for the side rails. This versatile design allows any length car to be built, Sedan to Funny Car. JDS uses the best .035 spring Steel available.

Alternate part number:  JDS2008-11