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H&R Racing HRCH12 1:24 Adjustable Rolling Chassis


H&R Racing Products HRCH12 Adjustable Wheelbase 1/24 RTR assembled Rolling Chassis Wheelbase adjustable from 3 5/8" to 4 7/8" (92mm to 123mm) - Includes 18,000 RPM small can Hawk motor, 27x18mm rear silicone tires with 6-Spoke Black Wheels on setscrew aluminum hubs and rubber tire 6-Spoke black wheel fronts, Oilite bushings, body mounting kit - Comes with inline motor mount and 48 pitch gearing.

For a comparison of different variations of the H&R Racing rolling brass chassis, please click here.

Note:  Wheels and crown gear require a .050" hex wrench.  Click on the link below to purchase.

.050" Hex Wrench