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FT Slottechnik SCD2022 1:32 Carrera Compatible Digital Chip

SKU: SCD2022

FT Slottechnik SCD2022 1:32 Carrera Compatible Digital Chip.

Finally! An alternative to stock/oem Carrera Digital decoder chips! Ultra micro sized, the smallest available!

Convert any brand of slot cars to Carrera Digital standard. Examples - NSR, Slot.It, Ninco, ScaleAuto, Policar, AutoArt, SCX, Scalextric, Fly, etc..

Fully compatible with Carrera® Digital all 1/32 scale. Ultra low profile, ideal for those slot cars with bulky interiors or low bodies.

Smooth back side for easy installation.

Extra long wires, color coded to Carrera brand standards.

Package includes:

  1. Assembled, ready to use decoder chip with extra long 4" feed and motor wires.
  2. Plug with wires for light assemblies, loose: three (3)
  3. Pre wired IR-Diode sensor
  4. Special custom IR-Diode sensor mounting bracket
  5. Color instructions in English


  • Minimum operating voltage: 12.0 volts DC 
  • Maximum operating voltage: 15.5 volts DC 
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 18.8 x 14.2 x 6.5 mm (4.5 mm without plug) 
  • Weight: 2 grams  
  • Flat horizontal oriented plug connectors 
  • Longer connection cable 
  • Underside is 90% component free assembly for a smooth mounting surface!

Special functions:

  • Front light, rear light with brake light and additional brake light plus Ghostcar function 
  • No accidental transcoding while driving 
  • Stronger braking effect

Note:  Pit Lane function is only possible if your track is equipped with Carrera CU 30352

Made and developed in Germany by FT-Slottechnik