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SCC 3-Post (Alligator Clip) Driver Station Kit, Red

U/M: Each

*** THIS KIT REQUIRES ASSEMBLY. Product image shows partially assembled kit for illustration ***

This driver station kit is designed for tracks that plan to use controllers with alligator clips exclusively. The connections on this driver station are sometimes referred to as "3-Post Commercial Style Hookups." This driver station kit features:

  • Pre-drilled panel (5”L x 3”W x ¼”D) – the color of the panel in this kit is RED.
  • 3-post commercial style hookups (i.e. controllers with alligator clips) – color coded to match most controller leads (white, black, red)
  • Polarity independent – compatible with resistor and electronic controllers
  • Proven, high-quality components
  • Installation hardware & mounting template
  • Easy-to-assemble, no soldering or special tools required
  • Assembly diagram (included with kit)
  • Detailed step-by-step, illustrated assembly and installation instructions (see "Additional Resources" below)
  • Fully integrated with our SCC Track Wiring Kits (available for purchase separately)
  • Professional appearance enhances any track
  • Legendary SCC support


  • This kit requires assembly.
  • This kit does NOT require soldering.
  • This kit does NOT include wire. We recommend 14 AWG stranded copper wire in 18” lengths – one each with black, white and red insulation. Wire can be longer if desired; however, we do not recommend shorter wires. For your convenience, we offer pre-cut wire in 18” lengths – refer to the “Related Products” section below. You can also source it from home improvement and automotive parts stores.