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Difalco Design DD847 Gold Rush Metallic Handle w/Hardware

SKU: DD847
U/M: Each
Difalco Design DD847 Gold Rush Metallic Handle (New Design) with hardware.  The handle is open at the top and designed for little or no trimming for any Difalco Design controllers. Minimum trimming for other brand controllers (e.g. JK, Red Fox). The handle hardware is designed to attach the controller frame to the rear handle to keep the entire assembly feeling solid in your hand. Parma turbo controllers will fit perfectly inside the handles but there is no mounting provision for the less expensive Sebring controllers. Professor Motor controllers will not fit these handles.

Internal bracing has been added to these handles so they will be perfectly aligned and not flex in your hand. The bottom of the handles have also been extended 5/8" to better fit adult hands.