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SCC Controller Adapter, Plug to Alligator Clips

SKU: CA-04000
U/M: Each

Note:  Controller adapters are made to order.  Please allow one (1) week lead time.

If your controller has a 1/4" plug (e.g. Ninco) or mini plug (e.g. Scalextric), this high quality adapter provides an easy way to use your controller with commercial track style 3 post hookups.  This is especially useful if you race on tracks with different driver station connectors.  The adapter takes up very little room - it is a  very useful addition to your slot box.  The adapter includes 3 nickel plated alligator clips with colored boots (white, black, and red) on one end with a high quality locking inline 1/4" female jack on the other end which accepts 1/4" Ninco style controller plugs.  Ultra flexible silicone wire ensures no kinking.  A 1/4" to mini adapter is also included which allows you to connect controllers with Scalextric style mini-plugs.  The adapter is compatible with tracks wired for positive or negative polarity.