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SCC Controller Adapter, Alligator Clips to XLR (Male)

SKU: CA-03000
U/M: Each


By default, Slot Car Corner will wire XLR connectors with the following pinout:

  • Pin 1 - Black
  • Pin 2 - White
  • Pin 3 - Red

If you require a different pinout configuration, please be sure to include details in the comments section of your online order.

Note:  Controller adapters are made to order.  Please allow one (1) week lead time.

If your controller has alligator clips but you're not ready to convert to an XLR connector permanently, here's an adapter which will let you use your controller with an XLR jack.  This is especially useful if you race on other tracks which provide driver's stations with XLR jacks.  The adapter includes a high-quality male XLR connector, super flexible high-strand silicone lead wires and color-coded (black, white, red) brass posts which attach easily to the existing alligator clips on your controller.  The adapter is compatible with tracks wired for positive or negative polarity.