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C8516 Scalextric Digital Chip, F1 Easy Fit

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C8516 Scalextric Digital Chip, F1 Easy Fit

Convert your Scalextric F1 DPR car to digital in under 60 seconds with the C8516 Easy-Fit Digital plug. No soldering required. Suitable for cars fitted with  F1 DPR feature.

Scalextric Digital

Scalextric Digital represents a ground breaking step forward in the way Scalextric is played. Now, with the DIGITAL system, up to six cars can race on one lane*. At the press of a button, drivers can switch lanes for overtaking and blocking!

EasyFit Digital Plug

Most cars produced from 2007 onwards will have, as standard, a socket on the car where the EasyFit Digital Plug is connected to convert the car for use on a SCALEXTRIC DIGITAL layout. C8516 EasyFit Digital Plug is suitable for fitting to standard F1 DPR Scalextric cars.
The conversion only requires a small screw-driver and takes less than sixty seconds to perform.

To Convert an F1 DPR car

1. Unscrew the panel on the base of the car and disconnect the braid-to-motor wiring plug.

2. Connect the EasyFit Digital Plug to the braid-to-motor wiring plug.

3. Replace the retaining screw to secure the EasyFit Digital Plug to the chassis.


The EasyFit Digital Plug offer a 'plug and play' solution - DPR Scalextric cars to be digitised in under sixty seconds.
Each C8516 F1 EasyFit Digital Plug can be transferred easily from one car to another.
There is no need for a soldering iron or modelling expertise.


C8516 F1 EasyFit Digital Plug is suitable for fitting to F1 DPR Scalextric cars.
To convert standard DPR Scalextric cars to Digital, use C8515 EasyFit Digital Plug.
Many non-DPR Scalextric cars can be converted to Digital using Digital Chips C7005 and C7006.