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Bianchi Specialties Torque Limiting Hex Wrench, 1.27mm (.050")

SKU: BK-127W
U/M: Each

Bianchi Specialties BK-127W Torque-Limiting Hex Wrench 1.27mm (.050") prevents costly damage to wheels and gears caused by overtightening set screws.  Features:

  • Long reach hex key is industrial grade
  • Hex key can be cut and sharpened many times to restore tip fit
  • Hex key can be replaced with any brand of same size
  • Ratcheting mechanism is pre-calibrated to release at a safe torque for aluminum wheels
  • Ratcheting mechanism release torque can be adjusted (+/-) with a small screwdriver
  • Back out torque is not limited (i.e. independent of ratcheting mechanism)

Wheels and Gears This Wrench Fits

  • NSR
  • ThunderSlot
  • Any wheel or gear using an M2.5 or 4-40 set screw