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Alligator Clips, Copper

SKU: CA-08001

Alligator clips are the most common controller connector - they have been used on commercial tracks for over 40 years.  Whether you need to replace worn out alligator clips or are you plan to convert your existing controller connections to alligator clips, we've got just what you need. Our alligator clips are high quality and are available in nickel or copper. Nickel alligator clips are more durable and economical than their copper counterparts. Copper offers better electrical conductivity than nickel which is why most high-end controllers come standard with them.

Package contains three (3) alligator clips.

We also offer alligator clip protective boots in black, white and red are available to match commercial style driver's station hookups. These flexible boots help prevent accidental short circuits and protect alligator clips from damage. The boots can be used with both the nickel and copper alligator clips we offer.