FET32 Third Eye 1:32 Electronic Controller

Third Eye Technology

SKU: 3E-02000

Standard FET32 Controller Features

  • 22nd Century Fully Electronic High Technology Linear Design- specifically designed for 1:32 Racers
  • All “Mosfet Powered Design”- featuring 3rd Eye’s Exclusive “FETDrive” Motor Drive and “FETBrakes”.
  • “Differential Amplifier Technology” - power control uses the test of time proven design.
  • “No Power Blast Relay” - full-on power is done electronically; the “FETDrive” has less resistance to the power supply/battery and a faster response than a conventional Power Blast Relay.
  • “More Usable Throttle Range” – now with 20 more usable bands near maximum throttle where a Power Blast Relay would jump 1-2 V directly to the power supply/battery.
  • 3rd Eye’sexclusive “FETBrakes” - braking (stops the car on a dime and gives 9 cents change); stops car even after the track power goes off.
  • No fuses to replace- uses “PTC” fuses for“Mistake Proof” reverse polarity protection.
  •  “Infinitely Adjustable Brake and Sensitivity controls”- (0-Max) control from onset to full.
  • “Sensitivity Control Voltage Goes to .5V - ¾ Throttle” - provides maximum control for all 1:32 cars.
  • “Track Mounting Bracket” - power Assembly rests firmly and securely on the track.
  •  “Heat Sinking” and“Built In Fan” - provide safe, reliable cooling.
  •  “Lightweight Handle”- with easy-to-use controls located at the top and sides.
  • “Smooth trigger action/Continuously Variable Throttle Control” - (no steps) 150 bands.
  • “No Trigger Dead Band”- no trigger travel from brake to power = faster lap times.
  • Attractive“Professional looking Styling” - with Parma handle and Trigger
  • High intensity“BluePower LED Indicator” - located in the handle.
  • 12” Long 12 gauge“high flexibility power leads” – for maximum power and easy hookups.




Question:    Can the FET32 be used with 1/24 cars/motors?

Answer:     The FET32 is designed specifically for 1/32 cars/motors; however, it can be used with "Mild" 1/24 motors such as 16D's and Falcon's.  Using the FET32 with any other "hotter" (higher current draw) 1/24 motors will damage the FET32 and void the warranty.  Racers who plan to run 1/24 cars/motors should use the Third Eye FETroller which is designed specifically for 1/24 racing.