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SCC Pinion Reamer, 2mm

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SKU: SC-20012
U/M: Each

Caution:  Do NOT use a reamer to enlarge the pinion bore if you plan to press fit the pinion on the motor shaft!


The SCC pinion reamer is designed to enlarge the inner bore of standard 2.0mm brass pinions slightly to allow easier soldering to a 2.0mm motor shaft.  Made of HSS to ensure the cutting flutes remain sharp for years of use.  


  • The reamer "flutes" (cuting edges) are extremely sharp!  Use precaution when handling the reamer not to get cut.
  • The reamer should NOT be used with a power tool - hand ream gears/wheels only.
  • The reamer should ONLY be turned clockwise to prevent damage to the cutting flutes.
  • Before each use, carefully coat the reamer with a fine coat of cutting oil for best results and to prolong the life of the reamer.
  • Wear eye protection when using a reamer.
  • The reamer will produce very fine, sharp metal shavings.  Use precaution when cleaning/removing the shavings not to get cut.