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SlotInvasion SILK-SLO Slot.It, Sideways & Policar Guide for Carrera & Wood Tracks


SlotInvasion SILK-SLO Guide Flag specifically designed for Slot.It, Sideways and Policar cars being raced on Carrera 1:32 or Carrera 1:24 tracks.  These guides can also be used when racing these cars on wood tracks.


  • Polyamide with fiberglass construction: low friction, high strength, and wear.
  • Optimized blade thickness and length: specifically for Carrera® and wood tracks.
  • Blade mid-section narrowed section (nearly 30% less friction contact area).
  • Angled brush installation cavities and micro guide: maximizing track contact.
  • Smoother lane changes (digital)
  • Mounting screw and washer included
  • Designed and manufactured by Slotinvasion-Germany

    Package contains one (1) replacement guide.