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Policar CT01-cyan Subaru BRZ, CYAN

SKU: CT01-cyan
U/M: Each

Policar CT01-cyan Subaru BRZ, CYAN.  This car is part of the Policar "Home Racers" series aimed at racers who are new to the hobby.  They are also a great choice for clubs looking for a low-cost IROC class.  Available in six (6) colors - cyan, blue, orange, red, silver, and yellow.  Unlike previous Policar releases, the car features a basic one-piece chassis, milder motor and plastic wheels.

  • Chassis:  One piece (no pod)
  • Motor:  13,600 RPM at 12VDC
  • Overall Length:  133mm
  • Wheelbase:  81mm
  • Height:  38mm
  • Track Width:  55.5mm
  • Weight:  80 grams