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Slot.It MN08ch 21,500 RPM Flat 6 Motor, Long-Can

SKU: MN08ch

Note:  The accompanying product photo shows 2 motors for illustration purposes only - when you purchase this item, you will receive one (1) motor.  The motor on the top shows the lower magnetic side of the motor can while the one on the bottom shows the higher magnetic side of the motor can which is partially open.

Slot.It Flat6 (low profile) 21,500 RPM open or closed can motor.  This newer version of the Flat-6 motor has two different case sides (refer to product photos) - one is open and the other is closed.  Depending on how you install (orient) the motor in the motor pod determines how much magnetic attraction is present.  Wires are not included.  Package contains one (1) motor.