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Predator SHORT-CAN 18,000 RPM FC-130 Motor, Dual Shaft

SKU: PRD130-18
U/M: Each

Predator Slot Car Motor featuring S-Can motor (FC-130) - rated at 18,000 RPM, 120 g-cm torque at 12VDC.  Motor shaft OD is 2.0mm.  Features include:

  • Smooth, predictable power band
  • Dual armature shaft can be used with can or end-bell drive setup
    • Endbell shaft - 8.5mm
    • Can shaft (beyond bushing) - 9.5mm
  • Long life carbon brushes
  • Includes tapped holes (M2) for securing to motor pod with screws (can end).  Motor screws are available for purchase separately.
  • Affordable price

The Predator 18K is a great motor for home, club or proxy racing - try one and "Eat Your Competition For Lunch!".

Note:  Actual RPM's will vary from motor to motor.  Typical variance is within a range of plus/minus 5%.