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CG Slotcars CG3DC003A Scalextric '69 Camaro 3D Chassis Kit

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CG Slotcars CG3DC003A Scalextric '69 Camaro 3D Chassis Kit

Note:  You will need to remove material from the stock interior so the motor does not interfere.  You will also need some additional parts (separate purchase) to complete installation of the kit.  

Dropped and podded, the Scalextric '70 Mustang becomes a whole different animal!
This kit includes:
• 3DP SLS Nylon 12 chassis
• CGMP22A motor mount
• 3DP SLS Nylon 12 guide
CGWI1501 3DP 15mm Minilite inserts
• 2mm front axle screws
The rear axle track width is a narrow package and 15x10mm wheels will not work.  Slot.It sidewinder motor mounts (not included - must be purchased separately) are also compatible with this chassis.