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Cheetah Single Flange Ball Bearings 3/32" ID x 3/16" OD

SKU: BB-1000

Cheetah Single Flange Ball Bearings for 3/32" (2.38mm) axles are designed to fit into a 3/16" diameter mounting hole.  Examples:;

  • Slot.It CH115 Motor Mount
  • Slot.It CH117 Motor Mount
  • Slot.It CH118 Motor Mount
  • Slot.It CH119 Motor Mount
  • Motor brackets that accept 3/16" OD bushings/bearings (typically in conjunction with 7/32" brass tubing).

These are ABEC 5 precision ball bearings featuring protective shields on both sides to prevent contamination that can affect bearing performance and cause damage.  The single flange design helps position the bearing in the motor bracket, motor mount, etc..

Package contains one (1) pair of ball bearings.

** Warning **  Never force an axle into the bearing.  Doing so will damage the bearing.  If necessary, try another axle or remove a small amount of material to obtain a slip fit.