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PMTR5021 PM AMT Style Body Mounts (Wide)

U/M: Each

Professor Motor PMTR5021 Reproduction AMT Style Body Mounts - WIDE - for stock car / large bodies.

These are injection molded from BRAND NEW TOOLING and use a super tough grade of plastic resin.  These mounts can be used to mount almost any plastic model kit body or promo body to an original AMT or AMT reproduction slot car chassis, or (with some creativity) to almost any other style of chassis.  These mounts also work well with the Pro Track 412 / 412A / 512P / 612 and the H&R Racing HRCHxx Brass 1/24 Hard Body  Chassis.  The great thing about these body mounts is that they are completely hidden from view, require no external screws, pins, slots or other such attachments and are STRONG LIKE BULL !

These reproduction parts also resolve the long-standing issue with the original AMT mounts of the brass screw insert spinning.  This was fixed in these parts by using a very robust #4-40 screw insert and mounting screw in place of the original (too wimpy) #2-56 hardware.