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Slot.It CA51b Ferrari 512M Sunoco No. 6

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Slot.It CA51b Ferrari 512M Sunoco No. 6.  This car competed in the 1971 Daytona 24 Hours.  Drivers:  Mark Donohue, David Hobbs.  This analog 1:32 slot car features race-ready components throughout.  Compatible with optional Slot.It SP43 (Carrera) and SP15c (Scalextric) digital chips.

** Note:  Due to licensing restrictions, this car does not include Ferrari "badges" (decals) on the car or in the box.

Release Date:  Jan. 31, 2023



Instructions to Adjust Front Axle Height

Please note that while the front wheels are assembled in the right position, it is advisable to tune their vertical travel using the provided Allen key before usage. As they are, box stock, the top adjustment screws allow too much vertical travel of the front axle, allowing the front wheel to rub against the body, potentially limiting the car's performance while turning.
Tuning the front axle riding height always is a key to get the best from any slot car model, so this is something that any racer would do anyway as part of the tuning process, but in case you need instructions, this is what to do:
  • Remove the body,
  • Lower the top screw on the front axle holder, so that the front axles rotates freely but doesn't move vertically,
  • Reassemble, check that the wheels rotate freely.
  • Try to reach the compromise where the front wheels are in the highest possible stance without rubbing the body.
You're now ready to go!