Trackmate Wiring Diagrams


Trackmate is a popular computer based race management system used by basement racers, clubs and commercial raceways.  Over the years, we've put together several Trackmate wiring diagrams.  Please note that Trackmate also provides documentation for this purpose.  The diagrams below do not cover Trackmate installations where a commercial raceways is selling track time.

Before installing Trackmate, we STRONGLY recommend that you complete your basic track wiring.  Once your track wiring is fully tested and operational, installing Trackmate will be much easier.  Segregating your track wiring and Trackmate installations will also simplify troubleshooting in the event problems are encountered.

Please note the Trackmate race management system continues to evolve both in terms of hardware components and software.  In particular, please note there are two (2) version of the Trackmate interface board you are likely to encounter if you are a basement racer or club.  The older Trackmate interface board is red while the newer interface board is black.  You will find diagrams for both versions of the Trackmate interface board below.

Trackmate can be installed with one or more track call buttons.  When a track call button is pressed, several things will happen.

  • The power relay will open cutting power to the track.
  • The Trackmate software will pause the lap timer.
  • The Trackmate software will pause the lap counter.

When the track call button is pressed again, track power will be restored and lap counting and timing will resume.  Some tracks prefer a single track call button setup where only the designated "race director" (or someone not currently racing) can "press the button".  Other tracks may prefer a multiple track call button setup - for example, track call buttons are installed at each of the driver stations.

The Trackmate wiring diagrams below were developed based on our experience installing Trackmate on our own track (or club tracks we race on).  Each of the diagrams shows ONE WAY to layout the Trackmate wiring.  "One way" is not the "only way" nor do we make any claims that it is the "best way".  Use at your own risk - your mileage may vary.

Single Track Call Button Wiring Examples (Click to Enlarge)



Multiiple Track Call Button Wiring Examples (Click to Enlarge)