"Like most slot car enthusiasts, I started out with a slot set and then expanded. By the time my layout was complete, I had 4 lanes of 65' and a 6'x18' table. Needless to say the stock power bases were inadequate to provide the constant power we needed for good racing. A variable power supply was the answer. Now the problem. How do I integrate the power supply with the necessary power taps needed for constant and smooth operation. I read about Steve Sawtelle's power taps and driver stations and they looked easy enough to make. I am good at wiring 110V stuff but low voltage electronics is not my bag. I finally called him and asked if his products were available pre assembled. They were and for a very reasonable price I was up and running. The driver stations and power taps were superbly made and work great. I would not have made them as nice myself and besides, I can spend my time racing instead!"


Bob Bianchi (aka "rbianchi")

"I’m not one for writing to companies in praise of their services or products. It’s been my long belief that companies should take pride is what they produce or services they provide. I have to honestly say, you go above and beyond when it comes to meeting and exceeding, my expectations. Your customer service and high quality products have greatly enhanced the enjoyment of my layout.

Your controller hookup panels, power taps, wiring kits, and excellent customer service are just impressive and saved me many trips to the hardware store. The quality and design of your products, and support, are bargains when I consider how much time I have saved. I now have a very professional looking track that works perfectly and consistently.

I can’t thank you enough for your products and support. My son and I are having a blast!!"


Matt Foskett (aka "digrumblers")

"The panels are installed and worked perfectly the first time! The instructions and templates made installation very easy. Thanks very much for your excellent products and help."


David Palmeter

"I also want to put in a good word for Steve Sawtelle of Area 51 fame. His controller panels are top-notch! They really are amazing for the price. I ordered one, thinking I could get by with my old panels, but I might have to buy two more of Steve's panels."


Steve Berry (aka "PastimeRaceway")

"The track is running great. In both directions as well. If there is a low voltage spot, I can't find it with a car or a multi-meter! Your directions were flawless. It took a while to adjust the schematics to my particular layout but once the I had all the power taps equally spaced, it began to gel. I need to take some pics of the wiring. Personally, I think it is at least as clean as the top. Never again will I wire a track without applying your methodologies. I might have been able to do it without you but it would not have been nearly as nice."


Johnny R. Roberts (aka "jrrobertsjr")

"..the track layout went like a dream, especially the wiring. Yesterday was opening day and I had sooooo many people tell me how fast and smooth my track was... I can't thank you enough for the amazing job and the help you have given me and hope to one day shake your hand for it. You offer a service and a product that is 1st rate and top notch all the way. Everything from your own personal service to the packaging of the goods. You have made my dream come true and gave me a "smooth as glass" track."


Brian Weston (aka "HotSlots")

Hot Slots Raceway

"I want to thank you for helping me with my track. There is no way I would have known where to begin without you. The power is smooth and even. I've taken power readings with a multimeter from different lanes and points on the track. I can't find a variance of power anywhere. It really shows when your cars are the farthest point from the power supply. And if I ever have a problem, I will be able to trace it quickly with the wiring diagram and labels you provided for me."

"The control hookups are first class. It's great that you gave me the option to run the cars in both directions with a flip of a switch. Where I am pleased the most is how I was treated before and after the sale. I know we must have talked by email and phone a dozen times. You always answered my question no matter how trivial. My son, buddies and I are looking forward to having side by side action on the track. I know that if one of them beats me it won't be because one lane had more power than another."

"Thank you for giving your time and talents to helping Dad race his little cars."


George Bagley (aka "southernsloter")

"The panels arrived Thursday. I spent Friday hooking them up and the track and power supply as well. Everything works great! Your wiring guide was invaluable; I followed it to the letter and haven't had any problems. The kids and I played all weekend. Thank you for the panels and the guide. It made a daunting task much easier."


Richard Resue

"I just opened up my new drivers stations that Steve down at SlotCarCorner made for me. You may know Steve as the owner of the incredible Area 51 Raceway in Connecticut, but he is also quite the handyman when it comes to accessories for your track.

I sent him a crude drawing of what I was looking for in a drivers station and we talked about the best way to accomplish those things. The end result is just great.

The panels and electrical parts are very heavy duty and the workmanship is first class. I'll NEVER need to upgrade these. I imagine they will outlast me."


Kevin Schofield (aka "turbokev")

"I just went with wiring the track properly using Steve Sawtelle's driver stations and wiring. Can't recommend his stuff enough..."


Eric Tirion (aka "RECKLESSRACER") 

"I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is wiring their layout to check with Steve at Slot Car Corner. His wiring templates and products are top notch. The wiring templates were easy to understand and made the wiring a very straight forward and clear process. His driver station panels are also "swe-eet"!"


Bob Methe (aka "mether05")

"Let me tell you something many of you may already know, these stations are absolutely awesome. OMG! There is no way I could have duplicated these. The craftsmanship is first rate all the way. Steve did a super job here."


Terry Noe (aka "Terry Noe")

 "Hi Steve, I want to thank you on all your help regarding my track wiring project. Your product has worked perfectly from day one."