Bushing Alignment

Bushing Alignment


The following video demonstrates how to install and align aftermarket bushings into a plastic 1/32 RTR chassis using one of our Slot Car Corner Bushing Alignment Kit. Proper bushing alignment is an example of a "little thing" which when combined with other "little things" can make a big difference in how well your car performs. The bushing alignment procedure shown in this article can be performed by virtually all 1/32 slot car racers - no special skills are required. The whole process takes just a few minutes to perform and there is minimal one-time investment required.

The chassis used for this demonstration is a Scalextric Monte Carlo (Nascar); however, this same technique can be applied to a wide variety of 1/32 slot cars which come stock with standard double-flanged nylon or brass bushings.

Note: The video is broken down into 3 segments because of length restrictions imposed by YouTube.

Note: The outer diameter (o.d.) of the burr bits we offer in our bushing alignment kits will vary slightly from one bit to the next. Some bits will require a slight twisting action to work into/through the bushing carrier - in this case, once the burr has removed enough material to slide through you can stop (repeat for the other bushing carrier). Other burr bits with smaller o.d.'s will initially slide through with very little or no resistance - in this case, you will need to "work" the bit to ensure if makes contact with the entire inside surface of the bushing carrier as you twist the bit. Again, the goal is to remove just a VERY SLIGHT amount of material (look for the "ring" of black plastic around the circumference of the burr bit).