Manufacturer Catalogs

 (For convenience, we have assembled links to the latest slot car manufacturer product catalogs, tuning guides and other useful information. When you click on the links below, you can view the document online and/or download to your PC. Note you may need to download a (free) copy of Adobe Reader to view the files.

Carrera Catalog (2023)

NSR Catalog (2024)

NSR Catalog (2023)

Policar (2020 - 2021)

Quick Slicks Fitment Summary (by Brand)


Scaleauto Catalog (2024)

Scalextric Range (2023)

Scalextric Service Sheets

Slot.It Cars (2021)

Slot.It Parts Catalog (Booklet)

Slot.It Parts Catalog (Online Search)

Slot.It Additional Resources

Sloting Plus Spare Parts

Thunder Slot Spare Parts (Lola T70)