How to Find Quick Slicks®

Quick Slicks® are high-performance silicone racing tires for a growing number of 1:32 and 1:24 slot cars.  Quick Slicks® are available in two compounds to provide outstanding grip on all racing surfaces.

Quick Slicks® Tire Selector

We also offer an exclusive interactive Quick Slicks® Tire Selector tool that lets you quickly find the Quick Slicks® tire you are looking for using just a few mouse clicks.  We've put together a short video tutorial to demonstrate how the Quick Slicks® Tire Selector works.


Quick Slicks® Tire Fitment Summary

If you are not sure which Quick Slicks® tire you need for a given car or wheel, we have put together some resources to assist you.  The Quick Slicks® Tire Fitment Summary is a comprehensive list of currently known Quick Slicks® fitment data.  There are two version of the Fitment Summary - one is organized (sorted) by brand and then model, the second is organized (sorted) by Quick Slicks® part number.  The videos below give you an overview of each version.

These fitment summaries are updated regularly as new fitment applications are identified or anytime a new Quick Slicks® tire is introduced.  To download or view the most current fitment summaries, click on the thumbnails below.

In addition to the links below, we also offer a Quick Slicks® Fitment Card.  The card is made from a durable plastic and includes a QR Code on the front.  Use your phone's camera to scan the QR code and the most up-to-date version of the Quick Slicks® Tire Fitment Summary will be displayed.  The card is the same size as a standard business card so it fits easily in your wallet or pit box.  The Quick Slicks® Fitment Card is free with any purchase (limited one card per customer).  Click on the thumbnail below for more information or to put in your shopping cart.
Quick Slicks® Tire Dimensions

Finally, the Quick Slicks® Tire Dimension Summary shows the OD (outer diameter) and width of all Quick Slicks® tires based on a "baseline wheel".  The baseline wheel is the wheel a given Quick Slicks® tire was originally designed for.  All dimensions were taken with the tire mounted on the baseline wheel.  Note that many Quick Slicks® will fit other wheels - in these cases, the OD dimensions may be different than those shown.  To view the Quick Slicks® Tire Dimension Summary, click on the thumbnail below.