Building Routed Tracks

The first example illustrates a 4-lane routed oval track build.  This build was featured on the Home Racing World forum ( In addition to showing the steps involved to plan and build the track, the write-up and videos also feature products offered by Slot Car Corner.  We have everything you need to ensure you routed track build is successful.  The material is Copyright (c) by Home Racing World and is used here with permission. 


The second example illustrates a large, commercial quality 6-lane track build.  This build was also featured on the Home Racing World forum.  Like the first example, Slot Car Corner products are featured throughout.  The material is Copyright (c) by Butch Dunaway and is used here with permission.



Wood Track Building Products and Information


Router Bits - for routing slots and braid recesses ("gains")

Pretaped Braid - MUCH easier than intalling the tape and braid separately!

Pretaped Braid Tips - useful tips to get the best results

Braid Rollers - ensure the braid is fully seated into the recess/gain

Wiring Kits - organize your wood track wiring project

Driver Station Kits - Several configurations available


Should you need assistance with your routed track project, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We're here to help you!