ANE Slot Lighting Kit FAQ

1.  Are the "exhaust" lights always on when power is going to the car? Do they flicker or are they constant?
The exhaust flames flicker when the vehicle brakes and are powered by the capacitor.
2.  What is the difference between kits with "integrated" and "separate" brake lights?

The difference between integrated brake lights and separate brake lights is as follows. Integrated brake light, the tail light is also the brake light. When the vehicle brakes, the taillight lights up much brighter. With separate brake lights, the light set is equipped with 2 tail lights and 2 extra brake lights, which only light up when the vehicle brakes

3.  Do either type of brake lights, integrated or separate, have a sensor that senses deceleration (i.e. controller braking) and turns on the brake lights or do they just sense no power to the track? 
The brake light is triggered as soon as you brake. This means that if the power between the controller and the track is interrupted, this is regulated with the microcontroller on the board. Power for this comes from the capacitor.

4.  What voltage are the LEDs in the lighting kits?
The LEDs in the light sets are different types, but they are regulated by the resistors.

5.  Does this light set also works with digital from carrera or scalextric ?
yes, it works with both systems, analog and digital

6.  With what voltage can these lights be operated?
You can use it from 8 volt up to 25 volt

7.  Will the light set be damaged if you solder it on incorrectly?

No, these are equipped with reverse polarity protection