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Slot Car Corner™ Information Assistant (SCCIA) is a standalone software program (developed with FileMaker Pro by Slot Car Corner Canada) that we hope will become your everyday companion for your favorite hobby, running and tuning slot cars. With it, you'll be able to:

  • Maintain your car inventory (along with pictures and all other info)
  • List all your controllers and their characteristics
  • Keep information about the tracks you run on, regularly or not
  • List all the drivers you run with, with the information needed to contact them
  • For each car, keep track of the different setups you've tried.
  • For each car setup, enter the lap times you've achieved on any given combination of track, lane and controller

Enter as much or as little information as you like. If you only want to use to keep track of your car collection, no problem, it's the perfect tool! But the more data you input to SCCIA, the more potential benefits you can get out of it.  For example, the program makes it easy to compare lap times and setups, to finally understand what you need to do to build a faster car!

Download the software by clicking the links below:

Windows version - Mac OS X version

For technical requirements, please see the FileMaker Pro website.

SCC Information Assistant is offered to you free of charge. This is not intended to be a commercial product but rather a hobbyist project that we'd like our customers to take advantage of - just like we do! We'll support SCCIA to the best of our abilities but please understand that we're not professional programmers or software developers. We have fun racing and tuning slot cars and our top priority is to help you have fun too with this wonderful hobby. If the SCCIA application is as useful to you as it is to us, we will feel great about it! If not, no harm done. Please note we offer no guarantee or warranty whatsoever on this program - use it at your own risk. However, we think many of our fellow slot car racers will find SCCIA very useful!

Note: If you have an iPad and have installed the FileMaker Go app, you'll be able to use this program on the iPad. Just download this file, install it on your iPad and enjoy. It's really easy!