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ZM161Q32 ZMachine Xenon Lighting Kit

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SKU: ZM161Q32

NOTE:  Use care when installing the LED chips in these kits - they may be damaged if you press on them too hard during installation.

ZMachine offers high-quality, pre-assembled slot car lighting kits in a variety of configurations that are easy-to-install.  LED's are pre-soldered to wires and wires are pre-soldered to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) - refer to product picture.  Wire lengths are sized for 1:32 slot cars.

Headlights:  4x (Quad) Xenon White

Tail Lights:  2x Red (warning/blinking after 2 seconds standby)

Exhaust Lights:  2x Yellow

Note:  Refer to schematic below for full list of features and components.