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XS-01900 SCC Axle Spacers 3/32" ID, Assorted

SKU: XS-01900


Experienced slot car builders and racers know the importance of axle spacers - they are very helpful when adjusting front and rear track width and allow precise adjustment of gear mesh.  Slot Car Corner offers high-quality 3/32" low-friction NYLON axle spacers in six (6) different thicknesses - .010", .020", .030", .040", .050" and .060".  Our thinnest spacers allow precise adjustments - for example, when removing side-to-side "slop" in the rear axle assembly.  The spacers can also be "stacked" to fill larger gaps - for example, when adjusting the front track width or when centering a crown gear on the motor shaft.


This specially priced kit includes ten (10) NYLON axle spacers in each of the six (6) thicknesses we offer (.010", .020", .030", .040", .050" & .060") for a total of sixty (60) spacers.