Tire Razor Pro

Tire Razor

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The Tire Razor Pro is designed to true tires mounted on aluminum "set screw" wheels only.  Note you CANNOT true a complete axle set on the Pro (use the original Tire Razor instead).  The Tire Razor Pro comes ready to true tires mounted on wheels for 3/32" or 1/8" axles.  The Tire Razor Pro is designed to true one (1) wheel/tire at a time.  The wheel/tire is mounted on a Nitride hardened ejector pin that spins in sealed roller bearings for incredibly smooth, precise operation.  The sanding block includes 2 grits - 400 grit for rough sanding and 1500 grit for smooth (final) sanding and polishing.


Note:  The Tire Razor Pro requires a DC power supply with a minimum continuous current rating of 4 amps.  A variable DC power supply rated from 0V is recommended for best results.


Made in U.S.A.