Tire Razor

Tire Razor

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The Tire Razor is a high-quality slot car tire truer that is easy-to-use.  Truing tires is an important step when tuning a slot car - trued (round) tires improve a car's performance by eliminating "hop" and ensuring the contact patch is perfectly flat.  For a detailed review of the Tire Razor including setup tips, please click on the link below.  Made in U.S.A.



HRW Tire Razor Review

Use the link below to learn how to use the Tire Razor. 

Tire Razor Instructional Video

Use this procedure to check/adjust your Tire Razor so both tires are in even contact with the sanding block.

Tire Razor Adjustment Procedure

How to true 1/24 Carrera tires using the Tire Razor

Using a "split bushing" to true Carrera 1/24