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SCC Braid Roller for 3/16" Braid

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There's an old saying that goes, "Use the right tool for the job."  This certainly holds true when installing track braid or copper tape.  Unfortunately you can't visit the local hardware store and ask the clerk for a "slot car braid roller" (actually you can but you're likely to get a dumbfounded expression in return).  Oh sure, there are various workarounds but why plan out every painstaking detail of your layout (not to mention the expense) only to compromise when it comes to installing, and subsequently maintaining, the most important component?  We have a solution designed and fabricated specifically for rolling braid or copper tape - our SCC Deluxe Braid Roller.  Whether you are installing 3/16" wide braid or copper tape for a new layout or performing routine maintenance to an existing layout, the SCC Deluxe Braid Roller is the right tool for the job.  The frame is precision machined from durable, lightweight aluminum and features a knurled handle for a secure, comfortable grip which makes it easy to apply even pressure to ensure the braid or copper tape is pressed firmly in place.  The roller features a durable, tapered center "rib" which rides in the slot - this ensures the braid roller stays positioned properly around the entire layout.

For new layouts using braid, the  SCC Deluxe Braid Roller ensures the braid is pressed firmly into the adhesive which secures the braid to the "gain".  It also helps smooth out any irregularities in the braid.  For existing layouts, the SCC Deluxe Braid Roller will help prevent the braid from "lifting" and "rolling" (typically in corners where the car guide is fouling the braid when the inside edge of the braid is too close to the slot or when cars deslot repeatedly in a given location).


  1. Designed for a 1/8" wide slot.
  2. For use with 3/16" braid (5/8" overall gain width) or copper tape up to 3/16" wide.