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SW47 Sideways Ferrari 512BB / LM 3M No. 63

U/M: Each



Racer Ferrari 512BB/LM car - this car was competed in the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans.  The car was owned by C.H. Pozzi/J.M.S. Racing and sponsored by 3M.  Drivers were Claude Ballot-Lena, Michel Leclere and Peter Gregg.


This is a new Group 5 body mold introduced by Racer in 2014.  The car features a new triangular motor pod that is adaptable to the 4-point motor pod if desired (4-point pod not included).  The car features a new high-torque 20,000 RPM Flat/6 motor that produces 200 g/cm of torque.  This is a motor designed for smoother acceleration.  The car also features large hub wheels for increased acceleration and top speed.  Other features include silver tinned braid and a free allen wrench to adjust wheels, gears and front axle height.