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SCC Tire Tubes

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Tired of searching through your slot box looking for a specific set of 1:32 tires only to find a random assortment of sizes?  Or maybe you have an increasingly large collection of "unknown" tires which you're going to figure out what they really fit someday (good luck...).  What do you plan to do with the extra sets of tires you purchase - how long before they too become "orphans"?  And how about when you remove a pair of tires from a car and replace them with a different size - what do you do with the tires you removed?  Fortunately, there is a better way to organize your 1:32 slot car tires - our Tire Tubes are the perfect solution!!  Tire Tubes are made from rugged plastic and include an easy-open cap which keeps your unused tires securely inside the tube until they are needed.  Each Tire Tube will typically hold 3 or 4 (depending on the width) 1:32 tires up to .900" OD.

Download FREE Pre-Printed Labels using link below (Use Avery 8160 labels or equivalent - available at Staples, Amazon, etc. - not included, must be purchased separately)

Quick Slicks Tire Tube Labels

(Note:  Tires in the picture are shown for illustration purposes only, they are not included)