SICA19E Slot.It Toyota 88C STP No. 45



SICA19E Slot.It Toyota 88C STP No. 45.  Sponsored by Team Toyota Auto Beaurex Motorsport, this car competed in the WEC Fuji 1000 Km in 1988.  Drivers - Andrew Gilbert-Scott and Steven Andskar.

The Toyota 88C is a sports car prototype designed by Toyota in 1988, according to the Group C specifications.  The car, designed by Dome, was an evolution of the 87 model. It was powered by a 2.1 litre, water cooled, 680-hp, 4 cylinder turbocharged engine unit, named “3S-GT”, with 16 valves driven by double over head camshaft. The chassis was an aluminium monocoque, whose composite bodywork was made of carbon fiber and kevlar.