SCC Professional Assembly, 3-Post + XLR + Lane Reverse Switch Driver Station

Slot Car Corner


Note:  This is an optional service for our DS0320 XLR Driver Station With Lane Reverse Switch Kit (not included - must be purchased separately).  This assembly service is for one (1) Kit - if you need multiple DS0320 Driver Stations assembled, please adjust the order quantity in your shopping cart accordingly.

While all of our SCC Driver Station Kits are designed to be easy to assemble, we offer a professional assembly service if you prefer.  This service includes 14 AWG wire required to assemble the kit.  Please note this assembly service is for one (1) DS0320 XLR and 3-Post Hookups Driver Station With Lane Reversing Switch Kit.  If you need multiple driver stations assembled, please adjust the quantity in your shopping cart accordingly.  Lead time will vary depending on how many kits to be assembled we currently have in the queue but are typically 1-2 weeks.  Please plan accordingly.