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SC802 Samson Classics Flex-Rite Tweak Board

SKU: SC802
U/M: Each

This is a slot car-size version of the famous tweak boards used by RC racers back when RC cars had no suspension. It allows you to quickly identify any twist in a slot car frame. or uneven weight distribution from left to right.

The Flex-Rite is adjustable for wheelbase all the way up to the 4.5″ needed for Retro stock Cars, and down to the shortest 1/32 car. there are engraved alignment marks set at 2.5″, 3″, 3.125″ and 3.25″ to center all widths of retro cars and others.

The Flex-Rite is packaged unassembled, with a set of assembly instructions. It is simple to use and will provide quick and easy checks for performance issues such as pulling under braking, different cornering to left and right, tire size inequalities, etc.