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Revoslot RS0140 Ford Escort Mk1 Hannen Alt No. 79

$84.99 $89.99
SKU: RS0140
U/M: Each

Revoslot RS0140 Ford Escort Mk1 Hannen Alt No. 79.  This is a 1/32 scale analog slot car with high quality components by BRM - features include:

  • 2-piece, aluminum adjustable chassis
  • Brass nuts allow chassis float adjustment
  • Sturdy aluminum motor holder
  • 21,000 rpm motor, 200 g*cm torque @ 12V
  • Aluminum front and rear wheels with M3 set screws
  • 3mm front independent solid axles (2x)
  • 3mm rear solid axle
  • Brass axle spacers
  • High-grip rear tires
  • Low-profile front tires
  • 24T nylon spur gear with aluminum center hub
  • 12T pinion gear
    • Note:  Product spec sheet (see below) shows 9T pinion.  During assembly 12T pinions were installed by mistake.  If you plan to race against the Alpha Romeos, you should plan to replace with a 9T 5.5mm pinion.
  • Rear axle rides in low-friction ball bearings
  • Sturdy aluminum axle holders