MT-II-HP TruSpeed Mosfet PWM Controller (High Power)



The MT II features an advanced Mosfet Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) design that is ideally suited for 1:32 analog slot car racing.  The MT II includes an impressive set of features aimed a serious hobbyists and competitive racers.  Features include:

  • High Power Option (Current rating of 15A peak and 8A running).
  • Positive Polarity
  • Plug-in Replaceable Power Drive Board (Dual Polarity or High Power Option)
  • PWM Drive and Brake Control
  • Exclusive 36 step wiper element and 9 point stainless steel contact
  • Acceleration Control
  • Sensitivity adjustment. (with automatic CURVE)
  • LAUNCH Switch for live start launch control 
  • Brake adjustment
  • HO Mode Switch to control brakes for High Magent Downforce cars, or cars with high natural braking effect. 
  • Trigger return spring tension adjustment
  • User replaceable No-Screw Terminal for cables 
  • New User-Changeable Single and Double Finger Trigger
  • Auto reset fuse for sustained over-current protection for Dual Polarity version and 16A fuse for High Power Version. 
  • LED with triple function

Optional features (special order required - please contact us for details).

  • Trigger Throw Adjustment


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