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MR1021 MRSLOTCAR Porsche 911 GT1 EVO, White Kit

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SKU: MR1021

MRSLOTCAR MR1021 Porsche 911 GT1 White Kit.  Perfect for racers who like to paint and decal their own cars.  Race ready components throughout including:

  • Slot.It Flat-6 20,500 RPM Motor
  • Anglewinder Adjustable Motor Mount
  • Adjustable Front Axle Height
  • Aluminum 16.5mm x 8.3mm Wheels with NEW Larger 2.5mm Set Screws
  • Lightweight cockpit/interior (under 4 grams)
  • 29T Aluminum Spur Gear with NEW Larger 2.5mm Set Screws
  • 11T Brass Pinion
  • Slot.It Front and Rear Tires
  • Bronze Axle Bushings With Internal Oil Channel
  • Chassis magnet (removable)
  • Body Height/Leveling Adjustment System (requires (4) 2mm set screws)
  • Screw In Guide

The chassis is compatible with a rear suspension system and front independent suspension (available for purchase separately).

Note:  Aluminum wheels and spur gear require 1.3mm hex driver- see "Related Products".