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HT-107100 Hudy Hudy Pinion Press

SKU: HT-107100
U/M: Each

Use the Hudy Pinion Press for safe, easy installation of 1/32 or 1/24 slot car pinions. The frame is manufactured from high-strength aluminum alloy with signature HUDY black finish and distinctive silver edging. The Hudy Pinion Press features a smooth-operating, deep-threaded presser shaft made of world-renown Hudy Spring Steel™. The dimpled base is perfectly aligned with presser shaft, eliminating the possibility of bent armature shafts.


Note: The tip at the end of the threaded portion of the press is NOT removable - you will damage/break the press if you try to do so. Note the tip is spring loaded - it is designed to recess inside the threaded portion as you press the pinion on the motor shaft. To install a pinion, follow these steps:

Tip: Once you press a pinion onto the shaft, it can be difficult to remove the press from the motor shaft. BEFORE starting, place four (4) .010" axle spacers onto the tip (see photo).

  1. Place your pinion over the tip at the end of the threaded section of the press (see photo).
  2. Put the shaft on the end of the motor that will NOT receive the pinion in the dimple on the press frame.
  3. Carefully line up the end of the other shaft with the "hole" (bore) of your pinion (it may take a few tries to get the hang of it).
  4. Keep the tip lined up with the pinion bore as you tighten the press. The tip will recess into the threaded portion of the press as you press the pinion onto the shaft.
  5. Continue until the pinion is in the desired location on the motor shaft.
  6. CAREFULLY remove the press from the motor shaft (see tip below).