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CBD1360 CB Design Insert 15.8 x 5.5mm Aluminum Wheels

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U/M: Pair

** NOTE: **  Because these wheels are so narrow, these wheels require an external hub for the set screw.  This arrangement is necessary to provide room for an (optional) wheel insert.

CB Design Insert Wheels 15.8 x 5.5mm (Silver) are high-performance CNC machined aluminum wheels designed to accept wheel inserts (available for purchase separately).

Package contains one (1) pair of wheels.

Click here for Wheel Dimensions

*** Please Note ***

C.B. Design Wheels are designed to minimize "slop" caused when wheels fit loosely on an axle.  Because of slight variations in axle diameters and the wheel's axle bore (i.d.), C.B. Design Wheels may not slide onto a given axle like other manufacturer's wheels.  Here are some tips to achieve the best results:

  • ALWAYS use a brand new axle.  For best results, we recommend Sloting+ or axles.
  • Try another axle
  • SLOWLY twist the wheel onto the axle.  NEVER force the wheel if it is too tight!
  • Enlarge the i.d. of the wheel SLIGHTLY using a hand held reamer.  Test fit frequently until the desired fit is achieved.
  • Using a fine grit sandpaper, wet sand the end of the axle.  Test fit frequently until the desired fit is achieved.
  • Use a high quality .9mm hex driver to prevent rounding the head of the set screw.  Use caution not to overtighten the set screw.

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