SCC Controller Adapter, Alligator Clip to Mini-Plug

Slot Car Corner

SKU: CA-01000

If you have a controller with alligator clips and want to use it with a Scalextric (tm) powerbase or driver's station with mini-jacks (3.5mm), this adapter will do the trick.  The adapter includes a high-quality mini-plug, super flexible high-strand silicone wires and color-coded (black, white, red) brass posts which attach easily to the existing alligator clips on your controller.  The adapter is compatible with tracks wired for positive or negative polarity.


Note:  Stock Scalextric powerbases are wired for negative polarity.  If you plan to use an electronic controller, it must be designed for negative polarity (or provide some sort of switch to change the polarity).  Controller hookup adapters will NOT change controller or track polarity.