BP-II TruSpeed Transistor Controller





Note:  This controller includes pre-installed alligator clips for commercial-style 3 post hookups.


Simple intuitive controls on the BP II 4.0 Transistor Controller make it easy to use and quick to adapt to your racing style, car, and track conditions.


  • Brake adjustment (with automatic HOLD)
  • Sensitivity adjustment. (with automatic CURVE)
  • POSITIVE or NEGATIVE track wiring. (Specify when ordering)
  • Running current 1.5A. Maximum current 6A peaks. 


Operating Guide:


Brake control:


A single rotary control sets the braking strength and has a built-in hold circuit to release the brakes once the car has slowed to a speed relative to the amount of braking you have selected. The useful feature of this design is the that motor drives the brake circuit in such a way that the faster the car is going, the harder the brakes are applied. As the car slows, the brakes are gradually released to give very balanced and predictable control. The brake and hold remain balanced to leave you free to race confidently.

Sensitivity control:

This adjusts the trigger wiper sensitivity to enable you to set the controller feel for any car or track condition. For those used to resistor controllers, it will feel as if the Ohms are adjustable from about 20 up to 60. 

Wiring Colours:

  •   BROWN                    (WHITE)    Power in. (Positive or Negative from the Power Supply)
  •   BLUE                        (BLACK)   Output. (Power from the controller to the track)
  •   GREEN/YELLOW        (RED)       Brake. (Negative or Positive from the Power Supply)



  • Once you feel a scratchy operation or can hear sqeaking then it is advisable to apply a small amount of switch Cleaner/Lubricant (such as Servisol Super 10) to the wiper element board. This will keep it smooth, light and maintain the contact integrity
  • Be sure not to bend the cable at the exit of the handle. The wiring will break from metal fatigue after a while and cause intermittent operation. Wind the cable into a gentle coil and it will last.